Teacher Turned Game Designer Shares about Math Game-Based Learning

Yes, learning through a good story is better than learning with a worksheet. Games can place learning in a story context that is more engaging than a list of problems to be solved. Thanks for the great post!

Classroom Aid

by Sarah Cargill, first published on GettingSmart.com : Q&A: Teacher Turned Game Designer Shares Lessons From The Biggest Story Problem

The Biggest Story Problem Trailer from Imagine Education on Vimeo.

The Biggest Story Problem, a independent documentary film aimed at examining the decline in math proficiency in the U.S. with global solutions, was produced this year. The team at Imagine Education, a multimedia group capturing stories in education, dove into the decline of math learning in schools across the country and explore insights from abroad that have attributed to higher rankings and scores in math proficiency.

The film evaluates the effectiveness of educational approaches such as pretend play and game-based learning in improving math proficiency and understanding. It leverages Ko’s Journey, a game-based math program targeted at meeting critical areas of the Common Core State Standards, with several classrooms across the country.

New Mexico’s teacher-turned-game designer and…

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About Gaming and Education

Through my research, I have found that games are a powerful tool for learning for players of all ages. Last year I earned my doctorate in Educational Leadership at Azusa Pacific University. My dissertation was entitled - Higher Order Thinking Skills in Digital Games. I have presented my research at the annual convention of the California Educational Research Association. In addition to teaching, I assist other researchers who are working in the field of games and Learning.

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  1. Thanks for your comment, would you like to give us a guest post about gaming and education? Looking forward to more of your thoughts.

  2. Yes, I would love to! Thanks for the invitation. Recently, I have been working on a literature review on digital games and higher order thinking skills (Blooms’ Taxonomy, 1956). How does that sound?
    I have also been enjoying your site, would you like to give us a guest post as well?

  3. It’s great that you took the occasion to write this, as it’s an issue that is very important to me.
    Where are your contact details though? My name’s Chauncey Hunter and I’d love to discuss this

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