Hollywood Art Director Makes Educational Games

Fun Town - play and learn

Hollywood art director James Lewis is making educational apps.  He was recently interviewed by Ben Abbott on his game Fun Town.  Abbott writes that;
“His wife’s position as a school special needs co-ordinator is similarly invaluable, giving Touch and Learn an edge over the competition thanks to her hands-on expertise. Said Lewis, “being a primary school teacher my wife is brimming with new ideas for educational games, in particular those she can try on our own and the children at school.” This practical knowledge could prove even more valuable in the future; Touch and Learn are looking into products for kids with learning difficulties, and it’s an area the team would consider stepping into.”

It is good to read that they are considering kids with special needs and are looking into games that can help them as well.  I hope more developers follow their lead.

To read the full article click here;



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