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Letter School helps learners write – and sells 100,000 copies on Ipad


“The educational game LetterSchool reached a milestone this week: just a few months after its release, more than 100,000 copies of the app have been sold. That’s a striking result for an app that teaches something generations of children have wrestled with: how to write letters and numbers. LetterSchool’s greatest achievement is that it creates a very stimulating learning environment, offering kids a truly compelling gaming experience. Boreaal Publishers believes the app is an important part of the solution for better handwriting education.”

I wonder how well this game helps children to use a stylus.  Then again, I wonder how important using a stylus will be in 10 years.  Besides signing our names, how often do most adults use handwriting? While designing the Ipad, Steve Jobs said,
“So let’s not use a stylus. We’re going to use the best pointing device in the world. We’re going to use a pointing device that we’re all born with – born with ten of them. We’re going to use our fingers. We’re going to touch this with our fingers. And we have invented a new technology called multi-touch, which is phenomenal. It works like magic.