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Video Game Teaches Kids to Identify the Signs of a Stroke

Stroke Hero Stroke Hero: Gamification Raises Stroke Knowledge in Young Children

Rachael Rettner of LiveScience writes that;

“A short video game may help children identify the signs of a stroke, and call 911 if they witness someone having one, a new study suggests.

The study involved about 200 children ages 9 to 12 living a community with many people at high risk for stroke(the Bronx, N.Y.). The children were tested on their knowledge of stroke symptoms before and immediately after they played a 15-minute stroke education video game. The children were also encouraged to play the game at home, and tested again seven weeks later.

Children were 33 percent more likely to recognize stroke symptoms, and say they would call 911 in a hypothetical scenario immediately after they played the video game, compared with before.”

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