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Brainy Fables Premium Apps Engage Children into Learning with Games and Original Karaoke Songs

Image of the world of Brainy Fables

“Brainy Fables is the first series of book apps for children 4-7 aimed at developing creative thinking through storytelling

Dual English and Spanish language options on all apps, create great reading opportunities for multi-lingual families and early language learners

Children will have an opportunity to learn and practice a new language while discovering life skills
Madrid, April 23, 2013 (PRWEB) April 24, 2013
     Entertainment content developer Next Stage Productions announced the dual language English/Spanish cross-platform release of Premium Brainy Fables apps as well as the release of improved Lite versions.

Brainy Fables is the first series of apps for kids aged 4-7 aimed at developing children’s creative thinking through storytelling, games and karaoke songs.

Five (5) Brainy Fables’ characters will guide children through the world of life skills and abilities such as: creative thinking, reaching “to the stars”, believing in yourself, problem solving, overcoming fear, capacity to take action and trying one’s best.

By reading, playing, singing, and talking about the challenges of Marcelo, Mirta and all the great Brainy Fables characters, children will have an opportunity to learn and practice English/Spanish language while discovering valuable lessons.

Each Premium app includes an interactive fable, two mini games and an original karaoke song and video with our Brainy Fables’ friends as the leading characters. Each of those elements will help parents and teachers bring positive messages into story time in a fun environment. “Night time, we are tired and we want our children to go to bed”, says author Franco Soldi, “but, what better way to do so than by having a nice and enriching conversation with our children with the help of one of our Brainy characters?”

Brainy Fables’ adventures have been lived up with music specifically created for each character. Rock, pop, country, salsa fusion or ethnic pop music is the vehicle for children to enjoy and learn in an entertaining atmosphere.

Every fable offers charming illustrations, animation and various features that enhance the reading experience – narrated or read myself options, hidden sounds and interactions, a summary of the story’s lesson, coloring pages, the ability for children to write and save their own ending to the story and a page for parents & teachers to help discuss the story’s message for children.

Brainy Fables are available in the iTunes Store and in Google Play and include Horacio the piglet, Mirta the super fly, Uxmal and the pyramid challenge, Marcelo the fox and Matias the rebellious chick.


Author Franco Soldi is a father, creator and communications expert who has focused much of his career on empowerment of youth and bringing ideas to life. As a founding partner at YPD Group and Next Stage, Franco Soldi works to create educational content for teens and children of the 21st century. Next Stage Productions is the developer of the Brainy Fables series and a growing slate of other upcoming entertainment properties.”

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It is good to see game developers focusing on critical thinking skills.

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Brainy Fables son una experiencia educativa y divertida para niños entre cuatro y siete años. Las apps, preciosamente ilustradas, utilizan el formato de la fábula clásica en cada cuento para transmitir un mensaje universal sobre el valor del pensamiento creativo para lograr objetivos.

  • Mirta la súper mosca

  • Marcelo el zorro

  • Uxmal y la pirámide

  • Horacio el cerdito

  • Matías el pollito rebelde

Anima a Marcelo, Uxmal y sus amigos coloreando sus aventuras.

Franco Soldi Nextstage

Franco Soldi es el autor de Brainy Fables y padre de dos niños. Trabaja con jóvenes pre-universitarios en ‘Young Potential Development’ desde hace años y ahora Franco escribe para los más pequeños de la casa.

Pedro Bascón ha ilustrado Brainy Fables convertiendo cada aventura en una experiencia visual para niños y padres. Pedro trabaja como ilustrador desde hace diez años especializándose en el ámbito de la educación y la infancia.

Brainy Fables apps han sido desarrolladas por la productora y distribuidora madrileña Next Stage.

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