Mobile games up – console games down!

According to Daniel Burris, “In 2011, video game sales fell by 8 percent. And in the first 8 months of 2012, retail sales of video games have plummeted an additional 20 percent in the United States.”  But Burris adds that this may be an opportunity for gaming companies to add educational gaming divisions to make up for falling sales in the traditional entertainment market.

“…There are many great programmers — people who know how to make interactive worlds come to life — who are going to be looking for new opportunities.  It is likely that many will turn to creating game-like education and training programs for the academic and business worlds. And if the big electronic gaming companies want to grow in a slump, they should start an education-gamming division rather than lose some of their best and brightest programmers by letting them become the competition”, Burris wrote.  Let us hope that these programmers could focus their skills on developing better educational and training games.  Imagine a school lesson or a corporate training session as engaging as Halo 4!

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About Gaming and Education

Through my research, I have found that games are a powerful tool for learning for players of all ages. Last year I earned my doctorate in Educational Leadership at Azusa Pacific University. My dissertation was entitled - Higher Order Thinking Skills in Digital Games. I have presented my research at the annual convention of the California Educational Research Association. In addition to teaching, I assist other researchers who are working in the field of games and Learning.

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