6 Scholarships for Gamers

2012 Winner - David Doyle

2012 Winner of the The Penny Arcade Scholarship

David Doyle, University of Tennessee – School of Journalism

High school and College students really can earn real money for their College education through games!  Here is the list.

The Penny Arcade Scholarship   $10,000

The Evo College Scholarship, – two $10,000 scholarship awards as well as a $500 creative grant.

The Twitch & Alienware Scholarship Program  five $10,000 scholarship

The Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) G.I.R.L. Scholarship Program –$10,000 award and an optional 10-week paid internship at one of SOE’s studios.

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences awards four $2,500 scholarships each year.

To read more about the winners and details about these scholarships read the article by Matt Konrad by clicking here.

About Gaming and Education

Through my research, I have found that games are a powerful tool for learning for players of all ages. Last year I earned my doctorate in Educational Leadership at Azusa Pacific University. My dissertation was entitled - Higher Order Thinking Skills in Digital Games. I have presented my research at the annual convention of the California Educational Research Association. In addition to teaching, I assist other researchers who are working in the field of games and Learning.

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