Mindcraft declared “Ultimate Multi-Tool” for teachers and learners.

PBS Idea Channel’s Mike Rugnetta, declares Mine Craft to be an “Ultimate Multi-Tool.”  For the past few months me and my 4 year old son have been building amazing worlds in Minecraft.  We both love this game!  It offers so many opportunities for creativity and learning.  Minecraft is “constructivist” in more ways than one.  To learn more about the power of Minecraft for engagement in learning watch the video below.   Thanks to Dr. Christopher Quinn for sending me the link to this video.  Enjoy!

About Gaming and Education

I am a doctoral candidate at Azusa Pacific University researching gaming and education.

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  1. I love your little film : )
    It sums up Why I love Minecraft and it also sums up lots of thoughts about so called “educational” games that’s been around for long.
    I have been into the games industry for about 26 years now and I have been waiting for something like Minecraft to happen, for a long time.
    .. and it is also very inspiring as the whole concept opens up for a whole new type of games to emerge.
    Thanks again for a good sum-up and a great video.

  2. Your welcome, I am glad you enjoyed the video. It is exciting to see people building games within games – how wonderfully recursive! Thanks for your sharing thoughts on Minecraft.

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