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Games promote higher order thinking skills (Don’t tell the Texas GOP)

Konstantin Mitgutsch, MIT, co-editor and co-author of  Exploring the Edges of Gaming (2010), defends the idea that games promote higher order thinking.  His presentation was recorded at the JogNog Games for Learning Conference on June 28, 2011.  This is a clear, insightful, and research based presentation with several good examples of students learning higher order thinking skills while playing digital games. Enjoy!

In other news, The Republican Party in the state of Texas declared their opposition to teaching Higher order thinking skills in public schools.  Here is what they had to say in their 2012 platform:

“Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.” (page 12 of The 2012 Republican party platform for the State of Texas).

Let’s hope that the Republicans of Texas do not discover the link between higher order thinking skills and digital games – least they attempt to banish games as well.